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Vopak WeConnect Foundation

We aim to empower young people in the communities near Vopak locations and connect them to the world.

Vopak is convinced that it is more important than ever for our society and wellbeing that people learn to think internationally and to bridge cultural differences from a young age. The Vopak WeConnect Foundation wants young people to experience that there is a world full of opportunities to discover if they learn to look beyond their own boundaries, and to pass on the value of working together with others. 

Our mission is therefore to empower teenagers and young adults that live in the communities in which Vopak operates, and to connect them to the world, by:

  • opening up new (professional) horizons and new paths to a sustainable and healthy life, 
  • inspiring them to work together with others across cultures, languages, and social backgrounds.

The Foundation's target group is young people between 10 and 24 years old, who live in or near areas where Vopak operates. All projects are initiated by a Vopak employee, who is also involved in the execution of the project. We aim to work together with a local partner, such as a governmental or non-governmental organization. The Foundation encourages Vopak employees to set up projects or partnerships aimed at young people in their communities and provides them with guidance and financial support. 

The Foundation launched the Vopak WeConnect program in 2016, the year in which Royal Vopak celebrated its 400-year history, and started having its first projects in 2017. 

Please find Vopak WeConnect's financial statement 2021 here.

The Vopak WeConnect Foundation was formally established in June 2017 and is registered under number 69006784 with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
The Dutch Tax Office recognized the Vopak WeConnect Foundation as a Public Benefit Organization (in Dutch: ANBI-Stichting). Registration number 857688212.