The Vopak WeConnect Foundation supports projects that meet the following criteria

Project goal

  • To empower young people and connect them to the world by:

    - Opening up new (professional) horizons and new paths to a sustainable and healthy life, and/or

    - Inspiring them to work with others across cultures, languages and social backgrounds

Target group

  • 10 to 24 year olds
  • In the communities in which Vopak operates and/or where Vopak employees live
  • Project fosters diversity, in particular the participation of girls and underprivileged young people

Vopak involvement

  • Project must be initiated by a Vopak employee or an employee of a Vopak joint venture, who is involved in the project execution
  • Project must be approved and supported by the Managing Director of the Vopak location or joint venture
  • Support or personal involvement of senior management and HR is recommended

Partner organization

  • Involvement of a local partner, like a school or NGO, is mandatory
  • Where applicable, involvement of a joint venture partner is strongly recommended


  • The Foundation aims to support sustainable projects and build lasting relationships. Projects can be approved, with conditions, for a period of up to three years.
  • The impact is measured; mid-year progress reports and year-end reports are mandatory. Continuation of multi-year projects is conditional on a positive year-end evaluation
  • Project is in line with the Vopak Values, Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy; this includes integrity; care for SHE, and being a good