Dutch Corporate Governance Code

Vopak complies with the vast majority of the principles and best practices laid down in the 2022 Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

The exceptions are explained in the following chapters. For our stakeholders, and in accordance with previous recommendations of the Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code (the Monitoring Committee), this section includes the various risks and ways in which Vopak manages these in our external accountability and reporting on risks and risk management.

Vopak aims to strike a sound balance between the interests of the company’s various stakeholders. Integrity, openness, supervision, transparent reporting and accountability are the cornerstones of our corporate governance policy. We have also developed a clear policy with regard to sustainability. 



Meet the members who form Vopak's Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

We aim to provide quality information about developments at Vopak, ensuring that relevant information is equally and simultaneously provided and accessible to all interested parties.

The Executive Board, under the supervision of the Supervisory Board, bears the ultimate responsibility for identifying and managing the risks associated with the company’s strategy and activities.

Corporate governance statements

Read our corporate governance statements from our annual report.


Vopak has various sets of rules in place governing the performance of its various bodies and ensuring implementation of the rules applicable within Vopak.

Anti-takeover measures

Read more about our anti-takeover measures

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the Vopak Values and describes what we stand for and believe in. It reflects the values of our company and explains how we aim to do business.