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Whistleblower/Speak Up Policy

The Vopak Speak Up Policy (formerly called Whistleblower Rules) encourages and enables employees and other stakeholders, including contractors, suppliers and neighbors, to speak up and raise serious concerns within the company, acting in good faith. This regards in particular irregularities, behavior and other issues which are not in line and/or a breach of the Vopak Values Integrity and Care for SHE, the Vopak Code of Conduct or the Vopak Supplier Code. The position of the person (whistleblower) who reported a suspected irregularity in accordance with the Speak Up Policy and who has acted in good faith, shall not be affected in any way as a result of the notification. Employees shall report suspected irregularities and/or other issues to their management and/or to the Trusted Person. Other stakeholders shall report to the Trusted Person. The Trusted Person can be reached through the contact form below. You may solely leave a message without your contact information if you do not feel comfortable sharing.

We guarantee that you will remain anonymous and that all information is treated confidentially.