We help the world flow forward

Vopak is dedicated to delivering the safe, reliable, and efficient storage of essential products for everyday life. For over four centuries, we have been creating connections with businesses and communities, improving our services at every step. As the world evolves towards a sustainable future, our talented people drive progress by advancing partnerships that accelerate the development of infrastructure solutions for new energies.

We help... 

We embrace our role as a critical link in global supply chains, delivering upon our promise every day. Serving more than 1,000 customers, we always search for the optimal infrastructure solution to help them thrive and unlock new opportunities. We also serve the communities we operate in through the Vopak WeConnect Foundation, where we support local initiatives for further development. 

...the world... 

With storage infrastructure and evolving partnerships all around the world, we know how to do business on a global scale and with a future-focused approach. We embrace and expand our role as initiator and enabler of positive change, taking responsibility in tackling global challenges such as the energy transition and ensuring security of supply across many markets and locations. 

…flow forward 

The many liquids and gases we handle and store have one thing in common: ultimately, they will be on their way to play a part in the world economy, in the right place and at the right time. Across generations and cultures, we will continue to support the global flow between supply and demand, as well as the flow of ideas and innovations that will enable a better tomorrow.

Our Strategy - Shaping the future

Vopak is actively shaping a sustainable future as an independent infrastructure provider with a global network and more than 35 joint venture partners. We support long-term, steady cash-flow generation and aim to expand our network of LNG, LPG and industrial terminals. We contribute to the energy transition, with a focus on infrastructure solutions for  low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, long-duration energy storage, and sustainable fuels and  feedstocks.


Our moral compass

Our values

It is vital for our employees, contractors, and joint venture partners to understand and
embrace the following five values:

  • Care for safety, health, and environment
  • Integrity
  • Team spirit
  • Commitment
  • Agility

These values are embedded into our policies and performance-review frameworks, as
well as our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code. They guide our decision-making and
serve as the company’s moral compass.