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new energies and feedstocks

New Energies and Sustainable Feedstocks

Vopak is developing new infrastructure solutions to actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products.

To actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products, we are focusing on new infrastructure solutions in the areas of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC), CO2, sustainable feedstocks, and long duration energy storage. 

Our expertise and our presence in the main industrial clusters makes us well-equipped to actively contribute to the development of new supply chains for the energy and feedstocks of the future.

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Hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC)

Import/Export of Hydrogen

Vopak is exploring various opportunities, together with partners, to facilitate the export/import of green (liquefied) hydrogen, LOHC and ammonia from and to various locations worldwide.

Partnering with H-vision

Vopak is a partner in H-vision, a hydrogen consortium in the Port of Rotterdam. With this network, Rotterdam's industrial sector can make a swift and substantial contribution to the Dutch climate targets for 2030.

Pilot Hydrogen Import (LOHC)

Vopak and Hydrogenious are preparing a pilot project to transport liquid organic hydrogen (LOHC) from Germany to the Netherlands. The world’s largest project plant for storing hydrogen in LOHC is currently being built in Germany.

ACE Terminal

Together with partners, Vopak is developing an import terminal for green ammonia as a hydrogen carrier in the Port of Rotterdam named ACE Terminal.

Sines Rdam
Liquid Hydrogen - Sines to Rotterdam

Vopak signed an agreement together with partners to study the feasibility of producing, liquifying and transporting green hydrogen from Portugal to the Netherlands.

Northern Green Crane
Northern Green Crane

A new hydrogen supply chain from Sweden to the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Germany is being developed by Hydrogenious, enabled by their LOHC technology.

Banyan ammonia
Ammonia Infrastructure Singapore

Vopak Singapore explores expanding its ammonia infrastructure for low carbon power generation and bunker fuel.

Preparing for Green Ammonia - North Sea Port

Vopak is preparing for the import and storage of green ammonia (as a hydrogen carrier) at Vopak Terminal Vlissingen.

Sustainable Feedstocks

Import of Green Ammonia

Vopak is exploring opportunities to contribute to the import of green ammonia from Morocco, Australia and/or the Middle East together with partners. We are experienced in safely handling ammonia at several locations within our global network.

New Tanks for Waste-based Feedstocks

Vopak is building new capacities for the storage of waste-based feedstocks in the Port of Rotterdam for the production of biofuels such as biodiesel and bio-jet fuel.

Investing in New Recycling Technology

Vopak Ventures invested in Xycle, who is committed to build a plant in the Netherlands with the goal of converting plastic waste into high quality feedstock to contribute to the circular economy.

Vopak Los Angeles
Repurposing tanks for sustainable transport fuels

Vopak is repurposing 22 oil storage tanks in Los Angeles, USA to sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. In total 148.000 cbm will be repurposed.

Long Duration Energy Storage

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Vopak is piloting the vanadium redox flow battery technology in Singapore and Australia together with partners. Our presence in the main industrial clusters makes us well-positioned for this development.

elestor partner
Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery

Vopak is partnering with Elestor for the development of a hydrogen bromine flow battery. The joint ambition is to scale up the electricity storage capacity of these flow batteries.