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new energies and feedstocks

Energy Transition

Vopak is developing new infrastructure solutions to actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products.

To actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products, we are focusing on new infrastructure solutions in the areas of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC), CO2, sustainable feedstocks, and long duration energy storage. These future vital products are used all around us, such as sustainable transport fuels for airplanes, flow batteries for storing clean electricity, and hydrogen, which can be used to store and transport renewable energy. 

Our expertise and our presence in the main industrial clusters makes us well-equipped to actively contribute to the development of new supply chains for the energy and feedstocks of the future.

Our New Energy Strategy

Watch the video in which we explain our strategy and progress in accelerating towards new energies and sustainable feedstocks through four focus areas. 

Looking for a partner to accelerate your energy transition?

Vopak is here to help. Reach out to our global new energies team to begin your journey! 

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Hydrogen (ammonia, liquid hydrogen, LOHC)

Import/Export of Hydrogen

Vopak is exploring various opportunities, together with partners, to facilitate the export/import of green (liquefied) hydrogen, LOHC and ammonia from and to various locations worldwide.

Partnering with H-vision

Vopak is a partner in H-vision, a hydrogen consortium in the Port of Rotterdam. With this network, Rotterdam's industrial sector can make a swift and substantial contribution to the Dutch climate targets for 2030.

Pilot Hydrogen Import (LOHC)

Vopak and Hydrogenious are preparing a pilot project to transport liquid organic hydrogen (LOHC) from Germany to the Netherlands. The world’s largest project plant for storing hydrogen in LOHC is currently being built in Germany.

ACE Terminal

Together with partners, Vopak is developing an import terminal for green ammonia as a hydrogen carrier in the Port of Rotterdam named ACE Terminal.

Northern Green Crane
Northern Green Crane

A new hydrogen supply chain from Sweden to the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Germany is being developed by Hydrogenious, enabled by their LOHC technology. (IPCEI approved)

Banyan ammonia
Ammonia Infrastructure - Singapore

Vopak Singapore explores expanding its ammonia infrastructure for low carbon power generation and bunker fuel.

Preparing for Green Ammonia - North Sea Port

Vopak is preparing for the import and storage of green ammonia (as a hydrogen carrier) at Vopak Terminal Vlissingen.

H2-Hub™ Gladstone

H2U and Vopak Terminals Australia will collaborate in H2-Hub™ Gladstone, a multi-billion renewable energy complex producing green hydrogen and green ammonia.

Hydrogen Council
Advancing global cooperation

Vopak is actively engaged as a member within the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative with a shared vision to advance hydrogen's role in driving the energy transition.

Low-Carbon Ammonia Export Project
Low-Carbon Ammonia Export Project

Together with partners, Vopak Moda have agreed to collaborate on the pre-FEED for the development of a large-scale, low-carbon ammonia production and export project on the Houston Ship Channel.

Research Opportunities - Singapore

Vopak Terminals Singapore and the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research signed an MoU to explore research opportunities in low carbon energy solutions, including addressing current challenges with hydrogen and ammonia.

IHI x Vopak
Joint Study on Low-Carbon Ammonia

IHI Corporation and Vopak signed an MoU to explore the development and operation of efficient, high value-added ammonia terminals in Japan. Collaboration outside of Japan is also being assessed.

Low carbon fuels & feedstocks

Investing in Plastics Recycling

Vopak is partnering with Xycle to develop a chemical recycling plant that will turn plastic waste into pyrolysis oil. Together we aim to scale up the technology by creating the first chemical recycling plant in Rotterdam.

Infinity recycling
Investing in Advanced Recycling Technologies

Vopak Ventures partners with Infinity Recycling to support the chemical industry in becoming more sustainable through advanced plastic recycling, as part of our strategy to accelerate in new energies and sustainable feedstocks.

Alliance to end plastic waste
Catalyzing impact

Vopak is an active member in the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW). The alliance's goal is to develop sustainable solutions to reduce plastic waste, with focus on four core pillars: infrastructure, innovation, education, cleanup.

Vlaardingen new tanks 2022
New Tanks for Waste-based Feedstocks

At our Vlaardingen Terminal, new tanks have been built for storing waste-based feedstocks in the Port of Rotterdam for the production of biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Vopak Los Angeles
Repurposing tanks for sustainable transport fuels

Vopak has repurposed 22 oil storage tanks in Los Angeles, USA to sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. This amounts to 148,000 cbm being repurposed.

singapore biomethanol bunkering
Enabling Singapore's 1st biomethanol bunkering operations

Together with partners and the port authority, Vopak safely completed the first biomethanol bunkering operations in Singapore. This supports marine decarbonization with green fuel bunkering solutions.

Ammonia as bunker fuel

Vopak is experiencing promising market interest around the world for new infrastructure for blue and green ammonia. Vopak is storing already for more than 20 years ammonia at 6 locations around the world.

Long Duration Energy Storage

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Vopak is piloting the vanadium redox flow battery technology in Singapore and Australia together with partners. Our presence in the main industrial clusters makes us well-positioned for this development.

elestor partner
Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery

Vopak is partnering with Elestor for the development of a hydrogen bromine flow battery. The joint ambition is to scale up the electricity storage capacity of these flow batteries.

Energy Dome
Investing in Energy Dome

Vopak Ventures is investing in Energy Dome, a provider of large scale and long duration energy storage. Energy Dome enables the utilization of renewable energy by rendering solar and wind power dispatchable through CO2 Battery

electricity storage in the US
Electricity storage

Vopak is investing in new infrastructure for electricity storage, marking our first entry into electricity storage in the US. We will own and operate two stand-alone lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems near Houston, Texas.