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Vopak Terminal Merak

About PT Vopak Terminal Merak

Incepted in 2008, PT Vopak Terminal Merak is strategically located in Merak, Banten Province, West Java which is situated at the main shipping route for bulk liquid chemicals, and has the highest concentration of petrochemical facilities in Indonesia. Our purpose is to store vital products with care, as well as provide safe, efficient and clean storage and handling services of bulk liquid products at key position that are critical to its customers in Merak, Banten.

Our facility also has the certification from Customs such as Bonded Logistics Center or Pusat Logistik Berikat (PLB) to operate a warehouse or logistics center, offering petrochemical industry the flexibility to store goods.

PT Vopak Terminal Merak is also recognised as a leading international company with solid safety performance. In February 2019, the Governor of Banten Province awarded the company for the accomplishment of zero accident in 2018 and recognized the terminal’s safety committee as the best safety committee in Banten Province. 

The company brings in strong experience and investment to build tank storage infrastructure in Merak, in cooperation with its local partners, to support the petrochemical industry as key economic growth sector and create opportunities for local talents and local entreprenuers. In August 2018, Vopak announces that it will expand its chemical terminal in Merak, Indonesia, with 50,000 cbm to 131,000 cbm. The expansion is expected to be commissioned in Q1 2020.


  1. 110,400 cbm
  2. 694,395 barrels
Tank types
Coated Mild Steel, Dome roof, Internal floating roof, Level control, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Temp. Contr.
Tank size
  1. From 300 to 15,200 cbm
  2. From 1,887 to 95,605 barrels
Pipeline, Truck, Vessel
  1. 10.5-8.5 meter
  2. 34.4-27.9 feet
Berths for vessels
Chilling, Weighing, Nitrogen blanketing, Truck loading, Vessel back loading
Terminal type
Vopak Asia & Middle East

Contact details

  • Address

    Vopak Terminal Merak
    Talavera Suite, 19th Floor – Unit #03 Talavera Office Park Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 22 – 26,
    Terminal Jl. Raya Merak KM 3 – Desa Gerem, Kecamatan Grogol – Cilegon, Banten.
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    +62 21 7592 5250

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    +62 21 7592 5249