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Netherlands - Learning by doing

Vopak Netherlands (Rotterdam Botlek)

Narrow the gap between theory and practice
In Rotterdam, the WeConnect team of the Botlek Terminal works closely together with two local schools for young people for whom processing theoretical information is difficult. Therefore, a personal approach and practical experience are very important to better understand the school's learning materials. Especially for this group (aged 14-18 years) the colleagues of Vopak Rotterdam Botlek have developed a program that meets the needs of the students and narrows the gap between theory and practice.

Vopak we connect project Rotterdam

What do the students learn
The WeConnect project team teaches them how to use fire extinguishing materials. Armed with foam and powder extinguishers the flames have to be doused, without bringing themselves or others into danger. They also learn how to provide first aid and how to work with breathing apparatus, discovering in pairs how to search for victims in a fire while using breathing gas and being blindfolded. Besides, the students are invited for a terminal visit to learn about the actual practice and their future possibilities. And in the month of September, they make a sailing tour through the Port of Rotterdam. 

Safety certificate
The program gives the students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and to obtain their safety certificate. The students need this certificate in order to have a chance to get an internship or a regular job.

Vopak we connect Rotterdam