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Vopak Malaysia (Pengerang)

For this project, the WeConnect team works closely together with a local school in the fishing village Pengerang, located nearby Pengerang Independent Terminals.

The project focuses on a group of about 300 students, aged 13-18 years, living in the local community and partly belonging to low-income group families. 

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Better prepared for seizing future opportunities
The main goal of the project is to learn the children to speak English and to be better prepared after leaving high school, to embrace diversity in culture, language and social background and to provide them with tools to seize their future professional opportunities. We want to help them to be more aware of the future possibilities in their own village, in Malaysia as a whole or even on a regional or global level.

The varied program includes the following activities:

  • Training and workshops on important subjects, such as English, history and life skills
  • Organizing interclass debates and competition within the school
  • Encouraging to compete in regional-, state- and international competitions
  • Financial assistance for excellent students that can become role models for other students
  • Providing the students with additional equipment and books for exams and research
  • Focusing on safety at school by improving critical areas
  • Organizing a field trip to Pengerang Marine Operations Sdn Bhd and potentially to Vopak joint venture companies in Pengerang
  • Involving Vopak Partners (Petronas and Dialog) and Vopak joint venture companies (PT2SB and PITSB) for better exposure to the students 

The project started in July 2017 and was successfully completed by the end of 2017.

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