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India Utkarsh

Vopak India (Kandla)

The main goal of this project is to help a group of 90 diploma engineering students (aged 18-24) from the local community to cultivate their skills in terminalling operations, safety, infrastructure development, and maintenance to enhance their future employability possibilities and create more awareness of the terminal industry.

Vopak we connect India Uttkarsh

Certificate program
The project is based on a previously made certificate program, designed by an expert team of Vopak employees. The students attended a series of lessons for about 35 hours, including theory and practicum and an industrial visit to the Vopak Terminal in Kandla to comprehend their learnings. 

The lessons cover different subjects and are conducted together with Tolani Polytechnic Foundation and a group of Vopak employees who are working in the field of safety, operations, tanks and pipeline standards, electric safety, dynamics of liquid terminalling business and contracting strategy. 

Terminal visit
During the terminal visit, the students get the opportunity to observe and to receive the necessary input in safe implementation of operation and project activities. The students were thrilled and asked many questions to grasp things. 

The project will be completed in 2018.

We connect India Utkarsh