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Brazil - Ready for the jobmarket

Vopak Brazil (Aratu)

Vopak we connect project Brazil - Aratu

WeConnect project team 

Break the cycle
In the Aratu Port (Brazil), there is a need for specialized manpower, which is hard to find in the port surrounding area. Many people who do the manual work in the port are not able to pay for their children to study. As the teenagers of today will be the future hand labor of the port, it is important to break this cycle. 

The WeConnect project in Aratu aims to contribute by giving opportunities for young students in the region to become professionalized, focussing on terminalling and chemical industries. The project team will work closely together with their local partner SESI (Industrial Social Service). 

Students selection
Twenty students (aged 16-20) from the local public high schools and from lower-income families, will be selected for a professional course. The selection criteria will take into account their performance in the disciplines of Portuguese and Mathematics, their capability to work in chemical or supply chain companies and their availability to finish the course.

Technical training and daily behaviour
The students receive technical training, also including care for safety, health and environment, sustainability and being a good neighbor. The training is not only important for their personal development, but will also help to enhance their possibilities of finding a job. 

The project started in January 2018 with the necessary preparations and will run until the end of 2018.