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Americas - Creating Safety Video

Vopak Los Angeles

This project is being carried out together with the YMCA Youth Institute and Vopak staff. During the Youth Summer Program, a group of young people will create a safety video, combined with technical digital media art training as well as workforce-readiness training.

The youngsters will visit the Vopak terminal in Los Angeles to learn about the Vopak safety culture and come up with great ideas to pitch to the Vopak staff.

They will learn about film making, editing, group work, multiple issues and solutions to keep any environments safe from accidents and how to pitch and present in a corporate environment. Besides, they will learn workforce skills, collaborative skills, social and emotional skills.

The Summer Youth Institute program uses project-based learning to teach Digital Media Arts skills using the latest software and hardware. Literacy is an important aspect of the program with all projects involving creative writing, scripting, storyboarding, oral presentations integrating technology and oral storytelling. The youth create digital films, a magazine, digital music, 3D animation, special effects, and a website.

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