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South Africa - Young Learnership

Vopak South Africa (Durban and Lesedi)

This project aims to offer a group of young women and men the chance to capitalize on their academic qualifications, enthusiasm, and passion to be successful in what they do while being rewarded with work experience and mentorship.

In South Africa, many young people finish their studies but never get the opportunity to have practical work experience. To get your first job is probably one of the hardest things in life, especially in South Africa. Unemployment is very high already, but for youth, it is even higher. If you have not had a job yet, you are regarded as not having 'proven' yourself.

The Young Learnership project has a very positive impact, both on the young learners as wells as on the Vopak employees. Simply having work experience with a company like Vopak makes all the difference for the future of the learners. The project gives them the opportunity to prove themselves and to show the rest of the youth of South Africa that there are possibilities and that they should not give up their efforts or their hope.