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Shareholder information

Royal Vopak follows an open information policy towards investors and other parties interested in the financial status of the company.

The purpose is to inform these stakeholders as fully and as early as possible about Vopak’s policies and changes within the company.

We refer to the IR policy regarding bilateral contacts with shareholders.

Dividend Policy

Vopak’s dividend policy targets to pay an annual stable to rising cash dividend in balance with a management view on a payout ratio range of 25-75% of the net profit excluding exceptional items attributable to holders of ordinary shares and subject to market circumstances.

The net profit excluding exceptional items that form the basis for dividends to be declared may be adjusted for instance for the financial effects of one-off events, changes in accounting policies, acquisitions, and divestments. 

Major holdings

Pursuant to the Financial Supervision Act, a shareholding of 3% or more in a Dutch company must be disclosed. Vopak has received the following notifications concerning such holdings of ordinary shares.


Ordinary share holdings

Date of notification

HAL trust



Magellan Asset Management Ltd



BlackRock, Inc




Royal Vopak shareholders

Stock Information

ISIN NL0009432491
FTSE Classification

50 Cyclical Services

 Economic group  59 Transport
 Sector  597 Shipping & Ports
 GICS Classification  20 Industrials
 Sector  30 Transportation
 Industry group  50 Transportation infrastructure
 Industry  30 Marine Ports & Services