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stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Vopak aims for transparency and an open dialogue with its various stakeholders.

Transparency is key to creating trust. An open dialogue provides us with valuable insights into our business and operating environments and helps us to be a responsive and responsible member of the communities in which we operate.

Vopak carries out periodic materiality assessments. These enable us to reassess, identify and prioritize topics that represent the most significant impacts of Vopak’s activities and business relationships on the economy, environment, and people including impacts on human rights. Simultaneously, it helps us to understand the materiality of the changing economy, environment and society on the value and business of our business. 

Our approach to the recent materiality assessment is explained in the illustration below.

materiality assessment

The table below summarizes the expectations and interests of our stakeholders and topics they deem material for society, the environment and our business. It reflects the outcome per stakeholder group from our most recent engagements. Expectations, interests and key topics vary for each stakeholder. Vopak’s commitments, policies, and actions in response to the key topics and stakeholders’ concerns are included in the Sustainability chapter of our annual report.

stakeholder engagement