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Vopak Ventures

We work with a future mindset, as we are always ready for potential developments and changes.

In line with Vopak's ambitions, we have set up Vopak Ventures to identify investment opportunities in start-ups and scale-ups in new technologies and emerging value chains. In this, we focus on three areas:

New Energies, Feedstocks & Sustainability

With the New Energies, Feedstocks & Sustainability fund, we focus on funding ventures facilitating new sustainable solutions in areas such as zero emission fuels, green feedstocks, recycling solutions and flow batteries etc.

Operational Excellence & Asset Management

With the Operational Excellence & Asset Management fund, we look into funding ventures close to our terminal operations who could work with us in continuously striving to make our activities more efficient, effective and as safe as possible.

Platforms, Data & Digitalization

With the Platforms, Data & Digitalization fund, we identify opportunities of funding on ventures that employ data and new digital technologies in efforts to improve our service towards customers, while improving and supporting operations and reducing the environmental footprint.

What do we offer?

Market Access

Operating globally with over 70 terminals spread across six continents, Vopak offers unique worldwide market access and scaling opportunities.

Knowledge and Network

With over 400 years of experience in the storage industry, we have gathered ample knowledge of the industry through changes and new developments. In addition, our global presence and established reputation ensure a broad network of expertise and partnerships.

Financial and Strategic Support

As an active partner, Vopak Ventures not only offers financial support to the ventures, but also actively provides strategic guidance befitting the specific venture and its chosen path.

Our basic investment principles

  • Our typical financial investment over the lifetime of a venture varies from €0.5 to €10 million. We typically take minority stakes.
  • We are not only an active partner, but are often also customers and serve on boards.

Vopak Ventures is a 100% Vopak entity.

Contact our Vopak Ventures team

We are an experienced and enthusiastic team of industry and investment professionals. We are always seeking innovative new ventures. Please contact us via e-mail

Portfolio Vopak Ventures

New energies, Feedstock & Sustainability


The LOHC technology of Hydrogenious is a solution for a variety of applications in hydrogen logistics, as it enables the safe and easy hydrogen-handling by storing hydrogen in a liquid.

HyET Solar
Solar Power

Extreme lightweight (5% of traditional glass panels) and low-cost raw materials (silicon based) are key enablers to produce solar power at the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy.

HyET Hydrogen

HyET Hydrogen is a leading SME in the field of electrochemical hydrogen compression. HyET has introduced a commercially viable Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor.

Circular Economy

Xirqulate converts low-calorific residual flows and high-calorific waste flows into a clay substitute as a secondary raw material for the ceramic industry or as an additive in concrete.

Plastic Recycling

Xycle is committed to build a plant in the Netherlands with the goal of converting plastic waste into high quality feedstock to contribute to the circular economy.

Electricity Storage

Elestor is working toward minimizing electricity storage costs as it is often a barrier to the energy transition. To do so, they are introducing large-scale cost-effective HBr storage technology.

Infinity recycling
Plastic Recycling

Infinity Recycling's goal is to promote a circular plastic economy. They invest in advanced recycling technologies to convert plastic waste into virgin-grade commodities.

Energy Dome
Electricity Storage

Energy Dome is a provider of large scale and long duration energy storage, enabling the utilization of renewable energy by rendering solar and wind power dispatchable through CO2 Battery.


HySiLabs develops innovative methods for safe hydrogen transport and storage. Two innovative chemical processes are developed for charging and releasing hydrogen in and out of the carrier.


Performance Rotors
Inspection confined spaces

Performance Rotors harnesses smart drone technology for confined and GPS-denied spaces, protecting both man and infrastructure through their customized services.