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Terminal Laurenshaven

Vopak Terminal Laurenshaven (Rotterdam)

Vopak Terminal Laurenshaven is part of Vopak Energy Terminals Netherlands and is located in the Botlek port area in the Port of Rotterdam. Terminal Laurenshaven was originally built for strategic storage purposes in 1970 and is currently used as a marketplace for middle distillates. Terminal Laurenshaven is specialised in the storage and transshipment of gasoil/diesel and has a direct connection with Vopak Terminal Europoort. The terminal is owned and operated by Vopak Terminal Europoort.

Vopak Energy Terminals Netherlands

We store vital products with care. Vopak Energy Terminals Netherlands is the leading independent storage and handling services provider for liquid bulk energy products in North Western Europe. In this position, we serve society by supporting critical energy supply chains.

With our terminals located in the Netherlands we provide high quality services to our customers. Our ambition is to be the safety and sustainability leader in our industry by focusing on care for people, planet and profit. Safety is our first priority and at our terminals we continuously seek options to reduce our own environmental footprint. We continue to invest in our assets and deliver solid financial returns to Vopak.

To remain relevant to society and to the Vopak Group, we are developing new infrastructure solutions to facilitate the introduction of future vital products, focusing on low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, CO2, flow batteries and sustainable feedstocks.

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Beware of Fraud
Vopak is not involved in any business concerning Jet Fuel 54/JT 54/JP 54 and as such is never involved in any documentation relating thereto. As a consequence Vopak does not answer any questions in relation to such matters. We kindly ask you to contact your supplier for questions.


923,818 cbm
Tank types
Mild steel
Tank size
From 60,000 to 70,000 cbm
Barge, Pipeline, Vessel
21.0 meter
Berths for barges
For vessels: Pipeline connected to Vopak Terminal Europoort
Additivation, Blending, Dedicated systems
Terminal type
Type terminal
Import-Export-Distribution, Hub
Vopak Europe & Africa
100.00 %

Contact details


Vopak Terminal Laurenshaven (Rotterdam)
Montrealweg 25
3197 KH Botlek Rotterdam
Port no. 4316
The Netherlands


+31 181 240 911


+31 181 219 839


Vopak Nederland