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Update on Capital Markets Day and Q2 reporting

To accommodate the growing interest in the performance delivery and strategy execution, the regular Q2 reporting on 29 July 2020 will be expanded to also cover an update on performance, existing strategy and markets in which Vopak operates. The format will be a regular audio webcast conference call hosted by management. This expanded format will be repeated during the regular Q3 financial reporting on 6 November 2020, if necessary.

Therefore we have amended our original plan to host a Capital Markets Day, that was planned for the second week of June 2020.

Additionally, to reflect on managing the long-term value creation, we aim to organize a Capital Markets Day later this year or early 2021 when logistics make this possible again and we can make suitable arrangements. 

Vopak plays an important role in society by storing vital products with care. We are doing our utmost during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to fulfill this role in all our locations around the world. All our terminals are operational and Vopak's strategy execution continues.