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Vopak WeConnect COVID-19 donations

In these uncertain times during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vopak WeConnect Foundation provided funding for donations to help young people and their families in our local communities.

So far, our foundation has supported thirteen projects that were submitted by Vopak and JV terminals. All our colleagues involved did an amazing job providing what relief they could for their local community by reaching out to young people and families in need.

Providing essentials in Asia & Middle East
In the Asia and the Middle East division, the Vopak teams helped with meals for students, food bags for single mothers and widows with kids, hygiene essentials and healthy nutrition. PPE and equipment to enable students to return to school were also donated and laptops were made available for underprivileged students to work from home.

Providing care packages and food in the Americas
The Vopak teams in the Americas division supported the most vulnerable youth and their families in their local communities by giving bags of goodness, care packages, groceries, and cleaning supplies for children to return to school.

Providing virus protection and school packages in China & North Asia
In China and Vietnam, the donations were spent on face masks and virus protection to enable local students to study in a safe environment and to provide school packages for students to return to school.

The Vopak WeConnect Foundation is grateful for our colleagues around the world who went way beyond their job responsibilities to ensure families in our local communities received the donations to help them through these difficult times.

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