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Visit King Willem-Alexander and Kofi Annan

07 October 2016

On Wednesday 5 October, King Willem-Alexander and Kofi Annan attended the Global Minds in Rotterdam, the closing event of Vopak’s 400th anniversary celebrations. “Companies cannot be successful in a deficient society,” said Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations in his speech.

Annan congratulated Vopak on its WeConnect program, which focuses on broadening the horizon of young people in the communities in which we operate. He declared that he was “encouraged by the growing corporate sustainability movement”, including at Vopak, because “governments, private sector, and civil society must cooperate to ensure that the benefits of globalization are widely spread. Globalization needs a human face.” During the conference, the photographer Jimmy Nelson gave a brilliant presentation on his encounters with indigenous tribes. The directors of the ports of Rotterdam and Algeciras and the Panama Canal discussed the challenges for their ports and world trade.

After the conference, King Willem-Alexander and Kofi Annan talked with Vopak colleagues who have initiated Vopak WeConnect projects in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the United States, China, Mexico and the Netherlands.


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