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Dividend information

Barring exceptional circumstances, the principle underlying Vopak’s dividend policy is the intention to pay an annual cash dividend of 25% to 50% of the net profit excluding exceptional items attributable to holders of ordinary shares.

The net profit excluding exceptional items that forms the basis for dividend payments may be adjusted for the financial effects of one-off events, such as changes in accounting policies, acquisitions and reorganizations. In setting the amount of the dividend, account is taken not only of the company’s desirable capital ratios and financing structure, but also of the flexibility it requires to successfully pursue its growth strategy. At the same time, Vopak seeks to assure its shareholders of a stable trend in dividends.

Voting rights

The issued and paid up capital of Koninklijke Vopak NV is EUR 84,617,715 with a total of 127,835,430 votes.