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German LNG Terminal

Gasunie LNG Holding B.V., Oiltanking GmbH and Vopak LNG Holding B.V. established the joint venture - German LNG Terminal GmbH. The purpose of the joint venture is to build, own and operate an LNG import terminal in northern Germany. The terminal will also provide LNG distribution services. To attract interest from the market and to gain detailed insight in customer demand, an Open Season started on January 17, 2018.

The terminal offers the opportunity to further diversify Germany’s sources of gas supply and facilitates access to LNG as an alternative low-emission fuel for ships and trucks.

The development of German LNG Terminal is currently focusing on the location Brunsbüttel. The presence of the adjacent port of Hamburg and the industrial companies located in the region represents an attractive business environment. Via the Kiel Canal, in the direct proximity of the intended terminal, the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States can easily be reached.

The start of the Open Season in January 2018 marked an important milestone in the development of Germany’s first LNG terminal. The aim of the facility is to offer the following services: discharge and loading of LNG ships, storage of LNG, regasification and send out into the natural gas network and LNG distribution via trucks and barges. 

The Open Season was successfully completed in May 2018 and resulted in a positive outcome: a considerable number of Memorandums of Understanding were signed with companies that represent a comprehensive range and complementary interests, ranging from regasification to send out and LNG distribution services.  The next steps will include further discussions with potential customers with a view to sign Head of Agreements. In addition, the necessary engineering work for the permit approval process has already been started by engineering company Tractebel to be able to apply for the relevant permits by the end of 2018. 

The final investment decision is expected in 2019. Link to more information on planning.

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LNG to Germany

  • The first LNG terminal in Germany
  • Direct access to high-pressure grid and providing access to German gas hubs

Terminal Location

  • Close to the Port of Hamburg with attractive bunker potential
  • Located within the industrial zone of Hamburg
  • Direct access to Scandinavia and Baltic region via the Kiel Canal

Configuration of the terminal

  • Throughput capacity: Approx 5bcm/year
  • Storage capacity: 1 tank of 220,000 cbm
  • 1 Jetty to receive up to Q-Flex vessels
  • Unloading rate: Approx 14,000 cbm/hr
  • Future expansion opportunities available

Terminal Services

  • Unloading and loading of LNG
  • Storage of LNG
  • Regassification and send out
  • LNG distribution and bunkering
  • Truck loading
  • Railcar loading (optional)

Drivers for LNG Germany

  • German Energiewende
  • Diversification of German gas supply
  • Cleaner and affordable fuels for German maritime and transport sector
  • LNG market is looking for creditworthy outlets

Business Concept of the Terminal

  • Open access (multiple terminal customers and LNG suppliers)
  • Independent operator
  • Non-discrimination principles