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The customers we serve include national and international producers, distributors and traders of liquid bulk products.

Our wide range of customers are generally active in the production, purchasing and marketing of oil products, chemicals, gasses, biofuels, edible oils and LNG. Based on their geographic footprint, they can be divided into three large categories; global, regional and local customers.

Our solutions

As an independent service provider, our core business is to provide our customers with tank storage and handling services for all liquid bulk and gaseous products. Our tank terminal concepts are tuned to our customers’ needs. Hub terminals are situated at globally strategic ports to provide market access and trade opportunities. Distribution terminals act as a point of origin for inland distribution and industrial terminals are storage centers connected via pipelines to our customers’ petrochemical production plants. At our tank terminals, we store and handle liquid bulk products for our customers; from oil products, chemicals, gasses and biofuels, to edible oils and LNG. To store and handle products, and to maintain or change product specifications, we provide a wide range of additional services, from loading and unloading a range of transport modalities to heating, cooling, blending and customs formalities.

Our network

With our network of tank terminals, strategically located along major shipping routes, we enable our customers to seize business opportunities around the world.  

Our international network of tank terminals enables our customers to seamlessly optimize and link their supply chains. In doing so, our tank terminals play a key role in connecting our customers’ products to their markets. From this perspective, linking product flows through strategically located ports to end-markets for the sustainable customers of the future is what drives our business. Based on marketing and customer intelligence we further shape our network by focusing on current and future product flows at locations that matter, and we defined four terminal categories that will shape our future network.

Our service

Understanding customers’ needs is key to delivering safe, efficient and excellent service, and forms the basis four our long-term sustainable relationships. With almost 400 years of experience we know what our customers expect from us: the safest, most reliable and efficient logistics service possible. To make this happen, we aim to serve customers according to the safety and service standards that at least match but preferably exceed the standards of our key customers. Customers acknowledge our continuous efforts to improve our service quality and effectiveness. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable customer relationships at all our terminals. 

In addition to our daily customer contact, each year we collect customer feedback via our Global Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey offers us the opportunity to adjust commercial plans and initiate specific improvement actions in line with our customers’ requirements and needs. In this way, our customers largely define the initiatives we take to further improve our relations with them. In addition, we keep training our staff to sharpen their service focus.