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Vopak LNG

Vopak LNG is the independent global LNG regasification terminal operator. We offer non-discriminatory open access to our terminals to all interested LNG suppliers and customers and we are always open for strong partnerships. Key words within these partnerships are long-term commitments, making use of a repeatable formula and our commitment to sustainability. 

Together with joint venture partners, we own and operate two terminals, the Gate terminal, in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Altamira - TLA on the east coast of Mexico, with a combined storage capacity of 840,000 cubic meters and a total throughput capacity of 19.4 billion cubic meters per annum (bcma). 

Gate terminal is ideally located for access into the Northwest European gas market. TLA is attractively located in Mexico, making it easy to import LNG into the country and potentially serve the nearby islands in the future. Gate terminal has an annual throughput capacity of 12 bcma (10 mtpa) - one third of the total Dutch market - and TLA of 7.4 bcma (5 mtpa).  

Gas will become the fuel of choice and is of prime importance to many countries, who want to improve security of supply and add an additional source of supply to their gas supply portfolio. We create partnerships with local (infrastructure) companies to open new markets for LNG Our joint venture partners, such as Gasunie for Gate terminal and Enagas for TLA, are independent, trusted players in their markets, with the necessary knowledge and contracts with local authorities. In addition, we want to offer flexible service concepts at our terminals. This allows our customers to purchase different services like storage, back loading and transshipment of LNG at our facilities.  

We strongly believe in the future use of LNG as fuel for ships and land based vehicles as well as an alternative energy supply for industrial customers not having access to the gas grid.

Vopak’s strategy is to create hub terminals, such as Gate terminal and TLA, for the import, but also to redistribute LNG in smaller quantities to satellite terminals for distribution to local markets. This is what we call our ‘break bulk model’. In 2012, Vopak and gas infrastructure company Gasunie signed an agreement with Shell as launching customer for the LNG Break Bulk terminal we plan to build in Rotterdam. The terminal plans to facilitate small-scale LNG distribution in Northwest Europe and make LNG available for further distribution to marine bunkering and truck fuelling stations.

Existing terminals  


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